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Mr. Boo is a horror puzzle game demo. You play as Mr. Boo an apparition who has been on the waiting list for a house to haunt for an eternity, just to find out the house is already occupied by demons. You must rid the house of the demonic possession so Mr. Boo can haunt in peace.

This is my first game, I hope it's entertaining at least :/ 

Game play is short, and puzzles are somewhat simple.

Simplistic graphics made with 3 colors, black, white, and red dithering.

A longer sequel is coming soonish....  working title "Mr. Boo Too"


NEW UPDATE! 9/5/17

Fixed up the game play, and added a few little things here and there.


Let me know if there is any serious bugs, I will fix them! If I'm capable :)

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Published 92 days ago
Tags2D, ghosts, puzzle-horror, RPGMaker, supernatural


Mr Boo.zip 481 MB


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Pretty fun stuff! Like the visuals too.


Hey thanks a lot man! I'm still learning how to do...everything haha.